MCGS-HMI- Software Installer_English [plc-unlock.com]

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The TPC7062K is predicated on a high-performance embedded integrated touch screen HMI, low power consumption CPU (clock speed 400 MHz). It is designed to adopt 7-inch high-effulgence TFT LCD screen (800X 480) and four-wire resistive touch screen resolution 1024X 1024; It is already pre-installed with MCGS embedded configuration software (runtime version)

MCGS-HMI- English Software: Download Here

[ MCGS HMI ] installer Englsih version for the Chinese HMI EMBEDED CONFIGURATION SYSTEM SOFTWARE ENGLISH VERSION for programming Chinese.

Product Manual : Download

mcgsTpc Touch Screen unlock service which is model to Crack TPC7062TX(KX), MCGS HMI models TPC..
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Touch Screen HMI Purchase: Link

New Project Setting Screen for rewrite or change the screen model’s.

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