MMC card for Simatic S7-300


Simatic Micro MMC card only for Simatic S7 controllers.
They have their own format that Windows does not understand – so if you insert the card into the card reader. It will not appear in Explorer but will appear in the Disk Maintenance Manager. As 4 unformatted partitions. Windows will offer to format the card under FAT !!! It is not necessary to agree with such a tempting offer to spoil the map.
Pay attention to the number of memory cards = from 64 kb, but they are very expensive.
The Simatic card has a factory-written PNM identifier. By which the S7 controller identifies the card as its own Simatic S7-300 MMC_Card.pdf.
Ordinary household MMC cards do not have this identifier and therefore the controller spits them out. The card has its own original format not understood by Windows. Formatted to use 4 reserved memory areas to ensure card survivability.

Simatic S7-300

In Case of Accidental Formatting Simatic S7-300 on A Windows Computer

you can correct the situation by uploading the original image through a household card reader and the WinHex or ImgWr direct recording program.
Similarly, you can capture images for archiving or cloning.

Simatic S7-300

Data of service registers that distinguish Siemens cards from others Since progress does not stand still, cards of the same size, for example, 64 KB, record cards of different physical sizes from 16 to 128 MB (old stocks are over and they are taken from what is at hand). For one type, you can use the smallest image or what is available, and ignore Win Hex warnings about the discrepancy between the physical size of the card.
At the same time, it is impossible to deceive the controller by writing an image from a 4 MB card to a 64 KB card – the controller determines the maximum logical size by the PNM card identifier, which no one has managed to change so far.

There were several topics on the official site about restoring cards – if it doesn’t work, try asking around there. Maybe someone will post a new image. From my experience, I will write that there were no problems with restoring images via Win Hex (with the correct serial number).
Pay attention to the real size of the card – smaller images can be written on large cards, otherwise, it will not work. Recently, Siemens somewhere got small cards for new cards 🙁

Simatic S7 Images

6ES7953-8LF11-0AA0_64KB_S7img           real size 16 MB      
6ES7953-8LF11-0AA0_64KB_064KB_winhex    real size 16 MB      
6ES7 953-8LF11-0AA0_64KB_IMG            real size 16 MB           
6ES7953-8LF20-0AA0_64KB_S7img           real size 65 MB 
6ES7953-8LF20-0AA0_64KB_S7img 72kb      real size 65 MB

128kb MMC Image File 

6ES7953-8LG11-0AA0_MMC_128KB.ZIP	real size 16 MB	real size 32 MB

2Mb MMC Image File	real size 16 MB	real size 32 MB	

4Mb MMC Image File	real size 16 MB	        real size 16 MB 

8Mb MMC Image File

6ES7	        real size 32 MB		
6ES7      real size 32 MB	 	 
6ES7	        real size 32 MB	        real size 64 MB	        real size 32 MB


S7-1200 MMC Image File

VIPA 128kb

WinHex For MMC

Simatic S7 Image Read v2

Simatic S7 Image Write v2

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