Unlock POU Password S7-200 Use Step7 MicroWIN V4.0 SP9

To the Control program for an S7-200 CPU consists of the following types of Program Organizational Unit (POU): Main program, Subroutines, Interrupt routines.

How to set and unlock POU password S7-200 use Step7 MicroWin V4.0 Software SP9 also free POU Unlock Software

Setup an POU Password

Step 1: Use Step7 MicroWIN V4.0 program open the project. Right click on a POU > Properties. > Protection tab


When you right-click on the “MAIN” POU, you will see an option:- “Password protect All POUs using this password”. If you tick on this box, your password application to all POUs, the POUs already a password will be using the old password begin.

How to Unlock POU Password S7-200

Why we are do it…….

Some programs writes by you: Maybe forgot the password.
The program writes by other people: You can not contact the programmer.
We do not encourage it, if you can contact the programmer.

How Disable Step by step:

Step 1: Check Step 7 MicroWIN V4.0 Version on your computer. This tool only supports the version V4.0 Service pack 8 (SP8) or Service pack 9 (SP9)

Step 2:  Download the tool at the end of post. See the below download link.

MicroWIN V4.00 SP7 POU: Download

MicroWIN V4.00 SP8 POU: Download

MicroWIN V4.00 SP9 POU : Download

If you can’t Success it. Please get support from Automation Engineer.

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