PLC-HMI Programming process. How to do it?


PLC HMI unlock process. PLC and HMI programming is nearly close to the famous programming software of PLC program is completed by the ladder logic. PLC is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) function and industrial automation digital computer function. PLC is an essential controlling function device for the recent industrial machinery function of this system. PLC is one of the best for using and distributes a good control system and decrease human effort.

For this reason, PLC is hugely used for the industrial controlling function of this system applications. Programmable Logic Controller is fixed for various kinds of control methods for functional purposes. There is a various kind of industrial or automation machinery controlling function that is called HMI. HMI is a Human Machine Interface it is largely used in automation industrial control applications. PLC and HMI all are using for the industrial automation controlling system.

How to do the PLC Programming function

Each and very Programmable Logic Controller PLC consists with an I/O function, software program memory method, and power voltage supply. The controlling program is loaded into the PLC in a machine code, a series of binary numbers to represent the controlling system program function is involve with instructions. The function of convention language depends on the mnemonics method that can use and a computer function and system include with logic program function that is called an assembler are hugely use by translate the mnemonics method into the recent digital machine function code. There is some programming function and device function into the Programmable Logic Controller as like-

  • Programming Console
  • Hand programmer function
  • PC system

Ladder diagram and features of it

Ladder logic is the most famous PLC programming language method and most PLC programmers use ladder logic programming language function type for their machine controlling method program. The ladder logic can use virtual symbols near to the schematic method of the circuit diagram function of the relay function. The ladder diagram function consists of two vertical lines function that can represent the power of lines. Every circuit of the diagram connects as horizontal lines between two verticals lines. Let’s have a look at some features of the ladder logic of PLC for example-

  • The Power function flows function from right to left.
  • The PLC outcome on the right side can’t connect with the left side of function type.
  • Product Contact can’t place on the right of PLC output.
  • Each function method contains at least one output.
  • Each output of the PLC would be used in the program.
  • A particular input x/o. output can appear to method in more than one function of a ladder programm.
  • The inputs x and outputs 0 are all known by their main function, the input output function depending on the PLC brand. PLC HMI unlock process method available.

A statement function list is one of the computer programming languages that are created by the process of the function of Boolean logic operation. In automation, boolean logic function operations work that true or false variables PLC programming operations function are works that on and off or open and close function.

How to do HMI Programming?

PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) are hugely used in various industries as a means of controlling motors, pumps, valves, and various other equipment tools used in most modern control systems. Human resource interface HMI (Human Machine Interface) distributes means of machine control by contacting with the PLC control system function. A well designed method combination of PLC and HMI can a solid foundation for your factory’s automation needs.


The goal of Bangladesh Automation digital technologies is to distribute efficient methods, documented programs function that blend well with the logic of existing systems method and function and the efficiency of maintenance personnel. Our extensive system control history and knowledge of current development platforms allow us to provide proven technology that can improve the automation software your process efficiency.

What are the advantages of PLC?

There are a lot of facilities of Programmable Logic Controller and PLC is widely used in the different kinds of the field due to the advantages.

  • Very fast programming software function
  • Easy to change the logic function
  • Reliable due to holiday of moving parts function
  • Good documentation opportunities system
  • Easy to pair with the process computers function
  • Analog signal handling control programming
  • Comparator,Counter, timer, can be programming method
  • Low power consumption function.
  • Easy maintenance due to modular assembly
  • Facilities in problem finding.
  • Ease operator interface due to main system introduction

What are the parts of PLC?

Programmable Logic Controller is largely used in the different kinds of control applications due to the greater controlling facilities. The applications of PLC is given below

  • Conveyor Belt System method.
  • Food packing and Labeling System.
  • Automatic Bottle.
  • Labeling purposes
  • Pharmaceuticals Industries.
  • Escalator and Elevator.
  • Crane Control System.
  • PLC is used in glass system Industries for glass manufacturing.
  • PLC is used in cement Industries for branding or mixing the right quantities of raw materials.
  • PLC is used for time and Count base Controlling Systems.
  • Control Signal method process.
  • Smart Elevator function Control process.
  • Fire Detection method process.
  • Automatic Machine Handling process function.
  • Automatic Vehicle washing process.
  • Roller Coasters Machine.
  • Water Tank Level function Controlling process.
  • Car Washing process.
  • Flashing Light Controlling process.
  • Automatic Door Opening system.

Applications of HMI password unlock

HMI is one of the best uses of programming controllers and monitoring devices function. It is also hugely use in automation industrial controlling applications. Some applications of products of Human Machine Interface or HMI are given blow.

  • Automotive dashboard system
  • Various kinds of machine monitoring
  • Electronic display function.
  • Use for building automation system.
  • Use for factory automation system.