RT809H Universal Programmer with unlock kit-EMMC-Nand Flash

RT809H programmer

RT809H with unlock kit-EMMC-Nand Flash. The RT809H Universal Programmer of all kinds of programming IC which are writing and read TSOP48 NAND FLASH EMMC TSOP56 pin TOP8-16 pin Support PLC and HMI EEPROM, Flash LED TV, SMART Phone. Provides a very competitive price couple with an excellent hardware design for reliable programming.

The programmer performs device insertion auto text of IC where is the fault and contact check (poor contact pin-to-socket) before it programs each device. signature-byte check help prevent chip damage and these capabilities, supported by overcurrent protection due to operator error. The self test ability to accept us to run the diagnostic of PLC unlock part of the software through check the health of the software programmer.


To Support Auto select for any series of flash including TSOP48 NAND EMMC PLCC, ETC, however, Programmer is drive by an easy to use control program with a pull down menu, hotkeys, and online help. Selecting of device is performing by its class, by manufacturer, or simply by typing a fragment of vendor name and/or part number. All knowing data formats are supporting. Software programmer conversion and Automatic file format detection during loading of file.

How to build kit-EMMC-Nand Flash System Using PLC/HMI Unlock/crack/hack password?

The software also provides special information about the program device. As a special, the drawings of all available packages are provided. However, if you have no experience on how to program it, you need to read the instructions of you can perform a course related to it.  In Bangladesh BAT offers the best PLC service in our country.

The software provides full information for ISP implementation: Description of ISP connector pins for the currently select chip recommend target design around the in circuit programmed chip and other necessary information.

The Only universal programmer makes a self-test for LCD LED itself and diagnostic fault. Programing flash on the motherboard and the best programmer to read without removing out. Each PLC company has some instruction set to control the logic One thing you have to keep in mind. The programming is not like regular programming like C, etc. It is called a ladder logic diagram.

Support UPTO 64GB NAND FLASH· 48-pins powerful pin drivers, no adapter required for any DIL devices ISP connector for in-circuit programming. Though you can control the system with a physical switch, you want to control the device remotely, or you want to see a visual representation of the system. It is able to need to attach the PLC with HMI.


LCD LED-MONITORS and VGA port to read and write without disassembly. HDMI port to read and write function LCD LED-MONITORS without disassembly. 1.1 compatible interface type function and Connection to PC: USB 2.0 Comfortable and easy to use control program works with all versions of MS Windows. Can support any flash and is very easy to add a new flash method.

Programming of the PLC

These are such kinds of devices that the processor is the main part of the PLC device. Software programs are loaded here when it acts as a brain because in its memory. One should have to program the PLC To run a PLC according to the user’s wish, and the processor will process it accordingly. instructions to the device what has to do Programming a PLC means you are giving him. Programmable software can do programs by connecting it with a computer. Program of PLC software is given with the device itself. The installation or setup for an HMI is not so hard indeed. ON/OFF switch, Arrow, Next Page, Timer, Counter, etc You will find some graphical symbols. the physical devices it represents all these symbols work dynamically.

Power Supply

It is a device that one is PLC is not self-energized. Therefore you have power. It is up with a specific voltage or current. it needs to operate the power supply ports to ensure the power. One of the most crucial parts of the software. PLC is the Input and Output port. The source to PLC will give the input signals, whereas Output operates the device it needs to control.

Advantages of Using HMI with PLC

HMI represents it in a graphical view. Whereas, PLC performs the central part of the automation system.

it releases the physical switches to control, the main advantage to control over graphical use is. In that case, it can control remotely and also can inspect which part is ON/OFF. It also eases the troubleshooting process and also reduces the accident.


In spite of being flexibility and high usability of PLC and HMI devices, it can cause a serious accident if not correctly installed. the Setting of HMI must be correct and the Ladder Logic Diagram.

  • power supply and connections will check Always.
  • because it can damage the devices, do not put too much load .
  • which is exposed to the power supply, avoid to touch any bare part .

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