How to backup HMI Program

How to backup HMI Program

How to backup HMI Program Okay how about we open up ProSave and we should pick the gadget that we will associate up to. I have a Comfort Panel TP700, and this is where you make your association. We can do MPI, Ethernet, PN/IE. I will pick Ethernet since I could simply type in a straight IP address, and I realize the IP address of the board is. In this way, it’s 192, 168, 0.2. Follow this steps care fully for How to backup HMI Program

How to backup HMI Program

How about we stop here and check our PC’s IP and this is the way you would make it happen. Commonly, I simply go to My Wireless, click “Open Network and Sharing Center,” and afterward I click my Local Area Connection and afterward you press “Subtleties” and that will let you know your organization connector on your PC’s IP – See “192, 168, 0.98.” You should set the IP of the PC to some different option from the HMI. Presently what we really want to do is twofold check that we have our HMI set up for Ethernet.

Along these lines, how about we go actually look at our exchange settings. Thus, we should get on the HMI and “Stop the Runtime.” Go to “Settings” or “Control Panel” and afterward go to “Move Settings.” Then on this rundown, we will pick Ethernet. Thus, look for it. Good it is right there. In the event that we don’t have the foggiest idea what the IP address is, you can simply go to “Properties” not too far off and afterward you can go to “PN_X1” which is your Ethernet port, and see it’s “192, 168, 0.2.” Say OK, and how about we close out this. And afterward OK and we should finish off of our Control Panel.

Presently here we will squeeze “Move,” so we can begin the association for ProSave. Along these lines, how about we return to our other PC, and we’re set up for TP700 Comfort, Ethernet “192, 168, 0.2.” Go to “Reinforcement” – this is the manner by which you are going to reinforcement. I just typically do a total reinforcement to make it simple. Thus, we should now set the record structure by squeezing the three dabs… and I’m about to name this the present date “6-6-17” so I understand what it is. And afterward we will begin the reinforcement interaction, as long as we have an Ethernet link associated. IP is okay on the HMI and your PC has the right IP – you’re great. Presently the reinforcement has been made and fruitful.

Presently we really want to go to “Reestablish” and we will tap on the three specks in the future. What’s more, we will find the record that we recently made, and I will find the date, you know “6-6-17” and I’ll click it. Click “Open” and presently as long as I actually have the ethernet link connected, it will go to the TP700 and begin the reestablish. Hold up for a second, let me ensure I’m in “Move Mode.” So, let me go to my HMI and click “Move Mode” and say OK once more and afterward it ought to lay out an association. Presently we’re reestablishing it back to the HMI, and when this cycle is done, you currently have a total new reinforcement of the HMI onto another HMI. Okay, gratitude for watching. 

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