How To Install Pro Tuner For Digital Stepper


How To Install Pro Tuner For Digital Stepper? a computerized stepper drive with a basic plan and simple arrangement. By executing Leadshine progressed stepper control innovation, this stepper drive can control 2-stage and 4-stage stepper engines easily with ideal force and low engine warming and commotion. Its working voltage is 20-50VDC and it can yield up to 4.2A current. All the miniature steps and result in current are done by means of Plunge switches. In this manner, the DM542E are ideal decisions for applications requiring straightforward step and course control of NEMA 17, 23, and 24 stepper engines.
1.1 Features

  • Hostile to Reverberation for ideal force, additional smooth movement, low engine warming, and commotion
  • Engine auto-recognizable proof and boundary auto-arrangement for ideal force from wide-range engines
  • Step and bearing (PUL/DIR) control
  • Multi-Venturing for smooth engine development
  • TTL viable and optically secluded inputs
  • Input voltage 20-50VDC
  • 16 selectable miniature step goals of 400-25,600 by means of Plunge switches
  • 8 selectable result current settings of 1.0 – 4.2A through Plunge switches
  • Delicate beginning with no “bounce” when turned on
  • Beat input recurrence up to 200 kHz.
  • The programmed inactive current decrease
  • Securities for over-voltage and over-current

1.2 Applications

The stepper drive is intended to control 2-stage (1.8°) or 4-stage (0.9°) NEMA 17, 23, and 24 mixture stepper engines. It very well may be effortlessly embraced in numerous enterprises (CNC, clinical, computerization, bundling) for example, X-Y tables, etching machines, marking machines, factories, plasma, laser cutters, pick and spot gadgets, etc. Its fantastic exhibition, basic plan, and simple arrangement make it ideal for some step and heading control type applications.

Install Pro Tuner For Digital Stepper

First of all please Download the Pro Tuner Software and follow our installation process. After downloading, this software follows our installation process.

Pro Tuner For Digital Stepper

Step 2 now click on the next button to continue the installation process

Pro Tuner For Digital Stepper

3rd step does not change anything just click on the next button.

4th step wait for the installation process

5th step After finishing the installation process, please click the Finish button

6th Step Reboot your computer otherwise it’s not working properly. After rebooting your pc open the DM Series Pro Tuner software

7th step now just select your version and click the ok button

Guy’s we successfully install and run this software if you face any proble during install this software please contact us as soon as possible.

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